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Wemyss — Dramming


Glenrothes 1997/2015 Wemyss “Chocolate Orange Segment”

May 26, 2016

I hate to repeat myself, but time and time again there are whiskies with a great nose that dissapoint on the palate. – Rating: 80/100

Bowmore 1997/2015 Wemyss “Shellfish Platter”

May 16, 2016
Thumbnail image for Bowmore 1997/2015 Wemyss “Shellfish Platter”

A typical midle-aged Bowmore of solid quality. This was bottled just in time before the wood influence became too powerful. – Rating: 86/100

Bowmore 1995/2014 Wemyss “The Rockpool”

May 6, 2015
Thumbnail image for Bowmore 1995/2014 Wemyss “The Rockpool”

One of the best non-classic Bowmores I have tasted. It is very rich and thick and benefits from a bit of water. – Rating: 89/100

Benrinnes 2001/2014 Wemyss “Rhubarb Royale”

April 22, 2015
Thumbnail image for Benrinnes 2001/2014 Wemyss “Rhubarb Royale”

A very nice fruity dram, surprisingly light for what you would expect from Benrinnes but richly flavoured anyway. – Rating: 86/100

Blair Athol 1991/2014 Wemyss “Foraged Fruit Fool”

March 30, 2015
Thumbnail image for Blair Athol 1991/2014 Wemyss “Foraged Fruit Fool”

This is a typical refill bourbon whisky with a light and delicate character. It is nice and enjoyable but it is not a bargain. – Rating: 85/100

Invergordon 1988/2014 Wemyss “Caribbean Crème”

February 19, 2015
Thumbnail image for Invergordon 1988/2014 Wemyss “Caribbean Crème”

Rather light bodied but with quite a bit of flavour inside, this is quite an elegant single grain whisky. Water kills it quickly, though. – Rating: 85/100

Cragellachie 2002/2014 Wemyss “Dark Treacle Fondant”

February 15, 2015
Thumbnail image for Cragellachie 2002/2014 Wemyss “Dark Treacle Fondant”

A decent sipping whisky, quite sweet and a bit spicy, but the palate feels a bit weak and the finish could be longer.. – Rating: 82/100

Bunahabhain 1988/2014 Wemyss “Kirsch Gateau”

February 13, 2015
Thumbnail image for Bunahabhain 1988/2014 Wemyss “Kirsch Gateau”

This is a very fine aged sherried malt that has everything you would expect from such a dram. It is quite spicy, though. – Rating: 86/100

Wemyss Velvet Fig

November 18, 2014
Thumbnail image for Wemyss Velvet Fig

A very nice blended malt with an affordable price tag of £40. Sherry fruit and mild spices make it a very good sipper. – Rating: 84/100

Bowmore 1996/2014 Wemyss “Aniseed Pastille”

November 6, 2014
Thumbnail image for Bowmore 1996/2014 Wemyss “Aniseed Pastille”

This very delicate dram has the unusual property of being more fragrant on the palate than on the nose. Another excellent yet pricey middle-aged Bowmore. There has been some great whisky coming out the distillery lately. – Rating: 87/100

Clynelish 1997/2014 Wemyss “Cayenne Cocoa Bean”

October 14, 2014
Thumbnail image for Clynelish 1997/2014 Wemyss “Cayenne Cocoa Bean”

For me it is more coco than cocoa, but anyway, this is a very sippable and typical Clynelish. At cask strength this would have been a true cracker. – Rating: 85/100

Glen Garioch 1989/2014 Wemyss, “Peaches and Cream”

October 12, 2014
Thumbnail image for Glen Garioch 1989/2014 Wemyss, “Peaches and Cream”

A very nice whisky from the time they still had their own floor maltings at Glen Garioch. The hint of smoke goes very well with the creamy fruitiness – Rating: 86/100

Aultmore 1982/2012 Wemyss “Sugared Almonds”

July 30, 2014
Thumbnail image for Aultmore 1982/2012 Wemyss “Sugared Almonds”

The name of this whisky does not really do the fruitiness justic which I think is the primary component of this fine whisky. – Rating: 85/100

Lord Elcho 15 yo

July 28, 2014
Thumbnail image for Lord Elcho 15 yo

Quite a nice blend with a good combination of fruity and spicy flavours. The finish could be a bit longer, though. – Rating: 83/100

Clynelish 1997 Wemyss “Fresh Fruit Sorbet”

May 12, 2013
Thumbnail image for Clynelish 1997 Wemyss “Fresh Fruit Sorbet”

The nose is quite strong and matches the descriptor, the palate is much more sublte but not unpleasant. – Rating: 84/100

Glen Scotia 1991 Wemyss “Strawberry Ganache”

April 21, 2013
Thumbnail image for Glen Scotia 1991 Wemyss “Strawberry Ganache”

Not really too strawberry-y, but the “ganache” descriptor is quite fitting. Expect some tannins. – Rating: 85/100

Wemyss Bunnahabhain 15 yo “Driftwood”

January 4, 2013
Thumbnail image for Wemyss Bunnahabhain 15 yo “Driftwood”

Despite the rather strong peat the underlying flavours are rather subtle, the nose has a nice freshness. This feels a bit younger than it actually is. – Rating: 84/100

Wemyss Whispering Smoke 1981/2011

March 15, 2012

On the palate the smoke is a bit louder than a whisper, but this really is a very enjoyable island style malt. – Rating: 87/100

Wemyss Vanilla Summer 1997/2011

March 10, 2012

Sweet and fruity and very intense, this dram has divided the jurors at the MM Awards. Some think it’s over the top. I love it. – Rating: 92/100

Wemyss Peat Chimney 12 yo

March 10, 2012
Thumbnail image for Wemyss Peat Chimney 12 yo

This combination of sweetness and peat works excellently. With a few more ABV percents this could even have broken into Top Dram terittory. – Rating: 88/100