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silent still — Dramming

silent still

The Lost Distilleries Blend – Batch 4

March 28, 2014
Thumbnail image for The Lost Distilleries Blend – Batch 4

Nose and palate of this delicate dram are quite different but complement each other very well. The overall character is light and delicate with very little smoke. – Rating: 87/100

Caperdonich 17 yo 1995/2012 Abbey Whisky

September 22, 2013
Thumbnail image for Caperdonich 17 yo 1995/2012 Abbey Whisky

Full-bodied and creamy with a nice amount of spice, this already reminds of the famous 1972 vintage, but for quite a bit less money. – Rating: 86/100

Glenlochy 31 yo 1980/2012 Signatory

June 7, 2013
Thumbnail image for Glenlochy 31 yo 1980/2012 Signatory

The slightly waxy mouthfeel works very well together with a classic and well-balanced flavour profile. – Rating: 87/100

St. Magdalene 30 yo 1982/2012 Douglas Laing

March 18, 2013
Thumbnail image for St. Magdalene 30 yo 1982/2012 Douglas Laing

The nose is to die for, but on the palate this whisky is a bit edgy and not quite as harmonious as I would expect from a 90+ point dram. – Rating: 87/100

Glenugie 30 yo 1980/2010 Dun Bheagan

December 6, 2012

This dram delivers quite a massive attack of sweet and fruity flavours, the creamy and slightly waxy mouthfeel makes it even more sumptuous. – Rating: 90/100

Brora 30 yo 8th Release 2010

January 24, 2012
Thumbnail image for Brora 30 yo 8th Release 2010

Some quite intersting herbal notes can be found in this malt. Nose and finish are fantastic, but it could be a little fuller on the palate. – Rating: 86/100

Banff 1975/2010 A.D. Rattray

December 28, 2011

A bit lacklustre at the beginning, some drops of water bring out a nice set of flavours. But this is not a bargain dram. – Rating: 85/100

Rosebank 1991/2011 Single Malts of Scotland

August 9, 2011
Thumbnail image for Rosebank 1991/2011 Single Malts of Scotland

Like ever so often, a promising nose doesn’t really translate onto the palate. It is all rather subdued and fragile in character. – Rating: 74/100

Rosebank 1991/2008 Cadenhead’s

November 26, 2010

A nice straightforward dram with a good balance of sweetness, fruit and spice, but certainly not one of the best Rosebanks out there. – Rating: 81/100

Glen Keith 1995/2009 Dun Bheagan

September 28, 2010

Quite a pleasant malt from a closed distillery. It has quite a bit going on on the palate but is approachable enough to serve as a relaxing dram just for sipping away. – Rating: 84/100

Dallas Dhu 1975/2005 Duncan Taylor

September 12, 2010

A marvelous dram rich of flavours and full of complexity. Fruitiness and spicyness are perfectly balanced, the flavours are interwoven very tightly so it is hard to pick anything that stands out. – Rating: 92/100 – Price Tag $$$$$

St. Magdalene 1982/2009 Dun Bheagan

April 3, 2010

Extremely complex and sophisticated. But for me it is very mood dependend. I had days where it tasted only “OK”, but on others it sent me to heaven. – Score: 92/100

Mosstowie 1979/2001 Gordon & McPhail

March 27, 2010

A smooth sherried malt with a great nose, but the 40% bottling strength is too weak to lift it from good to great – Score: 83/100

Glenlochy 1980/2007 Duncan Taylor

March 25, 2010

Very complex but the wood influence is too dominant for my taste. – Score: 84/100

Glenlossie 10 yo Flora & Fauna

March 25, 2010

Quite pleasant and complex and with a nice balance of flavours. But even at 43% it seems a bit watery. – Score: 84/100

Ladyburn 1975/2009 Signatory

March 24, 2010

I am not a big fan of herbal whiskies, but this one almost managed to convert me. The nose is spectacular but the palate doesn’t quite live up to it. Very light yet very complex. – Score: 86/100

Glenugie 1982/2008 Douglas Laing

March 14, 2010

A very nice fruity dram, creamy and rich in flavour. The amount of spice is just about right. – Score: 88/100

Rosebank 1991/2004 Signatory

January 17, 2010

A smooth and gentle dram, well-balanced flavours and rather complex for its age – Score: 84/100

Glen Mhor 1982/2008 Vom Fass

October 12, 2009

Not very complex for its age. Not bad at all, but I expected a bit more. A bit too one-dimensional. – Score: 84/100

St. Magdalene Cask No. 20 – 1975/2003

October 11, 2009

G&M Reserve – 49% My Tasting Note Nose: Slightly smoky, caramel, leather, spices Palate: Ginger, tea, a bix waxy, “farmy”, some caramel and a touch of lemon Finish: Long with a bit of smoke Overall: They don’t make Lowlanders like this anymore. Very full-bodied, noticeably smoky and with a kind of earthy spicyness that is […]