Clynelish 18 yo 1996/2015 Signatory for TWE

August 29, 2015
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Even though this is a refill cask the sherry influence is still quite strong. It’s a solid whisky but does not show very much of the Clynelish distillery character. – Rating: 85/100

Millstone Rye Whisky 2007/2014 for Usquebaugh Society

August 12, 2015

Mind you, this is a good tasting whisky, but am not sure if it was the right decison to put it into the cask at 46% ABV. There is almost no reserve for adding water, and overall it is too mild for what I expect of a rye. It feels more like a bourbon at the lower end of the “high rye” spectrum. – Rating: 83/100

Glen Breton 14 yo

August 1, 2015

Sorry, but the soapy notes on the palate ruin the experience for me. Without them it would have been a light and delicate single malt. – Rating: 63/100

Hibiki Japanese Harmony

July 23, 2015
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Grainy sweetness dominates this blend. The fruity and floral notes are in balance but the spiciness feels very youthful. The nose is much better than the palate. – Rating: 79/100

Springbank 12 yo Green

May 21, 2015
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The lack of sherry influence makes this a slightly unusual Springbank but the pedigree always is clear. It does feel as if something is missing though. – Rating: 83/100

Tomatin Cask Strength

May 19, 2015
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This is quite a bit on the spicy side, and the wood spices fight a little with the creamy fruitiness of the base whisky for dominance here. Not bad overall but the balance could be better. – Rating: 84/100

Ardbeg Perpetuum

May 18, 2015
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This is probably the most typically “Ardbeg” of the recent special releases, very straightforward in a way, but noticeably sweeter than for example the 10 year old. – Rating: 87/100

Arran 18 yo

May 17, 2015
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The nose in particular is very enjoyable, but the age has imparted a driness to the palate that I find a tad too strong. – Rating: 85/100

Benromach 10 yo 100 Proof

April 28, 2015
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Everything is very well put together in this whisky. It is round and strong but still delicate with perfect balance of all elements. This is Scotch whisky as it should be. – Rating: 87/100

Benrinnes 2001/2014 Wemyss “Rhubarb Royale”

April 22, 2015
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A very nice fruity dram, surprisingly light for what you would expect from Benrinnes but richly flavoured anyway. – Rating: 86/100

Craigellachie 11 yo 2002/2014 Old Malt Cask

March 1, 2015

Fairly sweet but not too much so, the spices are doing a good job to balance it all out. This is quite enjobavle. – Rating: 86/100

Cragellachie 2002/2014 Wemyss “Dark Treacle Fondant”

February 15, 2015
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A decent sipping whisky, quite sweet and a bit spicy, but the palate feels a bit weak and the finish could be longer.. – Rating: 82/100

Glendronach 18 yo Tawny Port Finish

January 1, 2015
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For 46% ABV this is quite watery. The spice aromas are a bit odd and don’t really harmonize with the subdued fruit aromas. Not my cup of tea. – Rating: 79/100

Highland Park 14 yo 1999/2014 Signatory For TWE

December 21, 2014
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This very spicy Highland Park is probably not everybody’s darling. But the combination of a very creamy mouthfeel with strong pepper works surprisingly well for me. – Rating: 84/100

Smooth Ambler Old Scout 7 yo

December 12, 2014
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Big and bold wood flavours dominate this chewy bourbon. The finish is a bit on the tannic side but the overall quality is impressive. – Rating: 86/100

Aberfeldy 18 yo

December 11, 2014
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Refill bourbon casks probably make up the bulk of this. It is very civilized and gentle but with quite a pleasant array of flavours. – Rating: 85/100

Heaven Hill 15 yo Whisky Jewbilee 2013 Festival Bottling

November 23, 2014
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An excellent bourbon on the peak of maturity with both rich flavours and a gentle character. Despite the high ABV the thought of adding water never crosses the mind. – Rating: 87/100

Aultmore XO Douglas Laing Old Particular

October 18, 2014
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The young age is quite obvious here, but the strong sherry does a good job in not letting this turn into an annoyance. – Rating: 84/100

Bowmore 15 yo 1999/2014 Single Malts Of Scotland

October 16, 2014
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The typical Bowmore fruitiness is balanced by quite strong peat and spices here. Some water and time is need until it fully opens up. – Rating: 86/100

Glenmorangie The Taghta

October 15, 2014
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A most interesting whisky that is dominated by aromatic spices. Fruity aromas are present but remain in the background. Nice but not an easy-going sipper. – Rating: 86/100