Scapa 14 yo

January 12, 2010
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A bit too “plain” for my taste. I can’t stop thinking that there is something missing in this whisky. – Score: 73/100

Highland Park 1985/2002 – Adelphi

November 17, 2009

Very little noticeable peat, the palate could be a bit fruitier for my taste, but still very pleasant. – Score: 85/100

Highland Park 1989/2005 Murray McDavid

October 16, 2009

A very nice whisky, perhaps it would have been even better if the finish was a little less dominant. – Score: 88/100

Talisker 18 yo

October 14, 2009
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A very fine whisky, perfect balance between peat and spice. Too bad they raised the price to stellar leveles. – Score: 90/100

Jura 1996/2008 Adelphi

September 30, 2009
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Another quite spicy Adelphi. The peat that is noticeable in the nose is covered by vanilla and spices on the palate. Quite nice, but a little bit rough for my taste. – Score: 84/100

Jura Superstition

September 26, 2009
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Mouthfeel is quite soft at first but gets rougher with growing wood spiciness. I would have preferred a stronger attack, but this still is a very good dram for a very moderate price. – Score: 84/100

Jura Heavy Peated 1999/2006

September 9, 2009

A great young peat monster that doesn’t have to hide behind its cousins from Islay. – Score: 91/100

Talisker 10 yo

August 11, 2009
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Almost no sweetnees, just peat and spice. More like an Islay whisky than many Islay whiskies… – Score: 86/100

Tobermory 1995/2007 Murray McDavid

August 2, 2009

Very enjoyable if you like finishes. I doubt that much of the distilery character is preserved, but it doesn’t taste bad at all. – Score: 82/100

Arran 10 yo

July 29, 2009
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Quite a nice dram, but doesn’t possess much to remember, nice to just sip away – Score: 78/100

Highland Park 16 yo

July 19, 2009

At first try I was a little disappointed, but now the bottle is almost empty, I am starting to like it. Not the best horse in the stable, but maybe somthing for love on second sight. – Score: 80/100