Glenugie 30 yo 1980/2010 Dun Bheagan

December 6, 2012

This dram delivers quite a massive attack of sweet and fruity flavours, the creamy and slightly waxy mouthfeel makes it even more sumptuous. – Rating: 90/100

Balblair 2002 First Release

October 25, 2012
Thumbnail image for Balblair 2002 First Release

Extremely light in character, subdued but pleasant flavours, this is one for lovers of gentle drams. – Rating: 77/100

Clynelish 23 yo 1988/2012 Duncan Taylor

September 26, 2012
Thumbnail image for Clynelish 23 yo 1988/2012 Duncan Taylor

Without water this has quite some bite, but a few drops are enough to bring out the best in this clean and crisp dram with that typical light brininess. – Rating: 87/100

Tomintoul 12 yo Oloroso Sherry Finish

September 1, 2012
Thumbnail image for Tomintoul 12 yo Oloroso Sherry Finish

The label doesn’t lie: it is a gentle dram, not a smack into your face, a well-behaved fruity malt for easy sipping. – Rating: 81/100

Glenrothes 24 yo 1984/2008 Jack Wiebers

August 31, 2012

If you ever wondered why some distilleries don’t like their name on independent bottlings, this forgettable whisky from a dead cask gives you the answer. – Rating: 64/100

Glencadam 10 yo

August 10, 2012
Thumbnail image for Glencadam 10 yo

A very pleasant entry-level malt from a distillery often overlooked, approachable and well-balanced with a nice mixture of fruity and spicy flavours. – Rating: 84/100

Fettercairn Fior

August 8, 2012
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This sherried dram is quite spicy with a strong and flavourful initial punch. But it is not overly complex, and the finish is surprisingly short. – Rating: 83/100

Glenturret 10 yo

August 6, 2012
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Quite a nice daily dram with a pleasant flavour profile, a slightly longer finish would have lifted it to the 80 point mark. – Rating: 78/100

Glencadam 19 yo 1990/2010 A.D. Rattray

July 21, 2012

Apart from the somewhat sharp nose, this is quite an enjoyable malt, richly flaoured with an interesting note of cheese. – Rating: 85/100

Brora 30 yo 2002 Release

June 22, 2012

This malt is infinetely complex, the tasting notes just capture the principal flavours, there are many more minor aromas to discover. The wood remains gentle and adds even more depth. – Rating: 92/100

Royal Lochnagar Selected Reserve

June 21, 2012
Thumbnail image for Royal Lochnagar Selected Reserve

This rare special bottling has a lovely nose and a nice mix of flavours on the palate, but feels just a little too weakish on the latter. – Rating: 84/100

Loch Lomond 45 yo 1966

May 30, 2012
Thumbnail image for Loch Lomond 45 yo 1966

The old age does not really show here although there is some noticeable wood. A lively and very enjoyable whisky from a distillery normally associated with mediocre malts. – Rating: 85/100

Fettercairn 1996/2011 Signatory

May 17, 2012

Not overly complex but perfectly balanced, simply a straightforward young-ish bourbon cask whisky how it should be. – Rating: 86/100

Lochside 1965/2001 Adelphi

May 13, 2012
Thumbnail image for Lochside 1965/2001 Adelphi

A superb sherried whisky, the wood influence is rather strong but kept in check by the rich sweet and fruity aromas. – Rating: 91/100

Edradour Natural Cask Strength 2nd Release

April 15, 2012
Thumbnail image for Edradour Natural Cask Strength 2nd Release

Another very young Edradour, but this time without cask experimentation. And indeed the spirit does benefit from not fiddling around with it. – Rating: 81/100

Ballechin 6th Release Bourbon Cask Matured

April 14, 2012
Thumbnail image for Ballechin 6th Release Bourbon Cask Matured

You can feel it is still rather young, but it is a very fine dram with a good variety of smoky flavours. – Rating: 84/100

Edradour 2003/2010 Burgundy Cask Matured

April 14, 2012
Thumbnail image for Edradour 2003/2010 Burgundy Cask Matured

Rather sweet overall and feeling a bit watery even at 46%, this dram doesn’t really convince me. – Rating: 75/100

Clynelish 1995/2011 Aberdeen Distillers

April 9, 2012

A malt that has some quite nice flavours but it’s all over much too soon. – Rating: 79/100

Glenmorangie Original (Revisited)

April 4, 2012
Thumbnail image for Glenmorangie Original (Revisited)

I don’t think this dram has changed much in the past 38 months. Decent nose but non-descript palate. – Score: 72/100

Tomintoul 1967/2011 The Whisky Agency

April 3, 2012

For a malt of this age I was a little disappointed. It’s good, but really not exceptional. – Rating: 84/100