Johnnie Walker Black Label

January 11, 2010
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Quite smoky but not peaty, gentle and well balanced. Not bad at all. – Score: 81/100

Whyte & Mackay 19 yo Old Luxury

December 30, 2009
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A very richly flavoured sherried blend. The nose is impressive, but the palate could profit from a few more ABV points. This is miles away from the standard supermarket or pub blends. The aged grain whisky has lost all of its roughness and caters for a delicate silky smooth mouthfeel. – Score: 84/100

The Famous Grouse

September 24, 2009
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You can taste that this is a young whisky. OK for just sipping, nothing really disturbing, but it’s hard pinning down any noteworthy aromatic components. – Score: 51/100