Glen Spey

Glen Spey 1996/2009 Manager’s Choice

April 10, 2015
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The good news: It is the best Glen Spey I have ever tasted. The bad news: It is not more than a generic nice refill bourbon whisky and at £200 it is no wonder that it is still on the shelves after 5 years. – Rating: 83/100

Glen Spey 1999/2011 Riverstown

April 7, 2012

Another one of those generic “not bad, but…” drams from very inactive casks. – Rating: 74/100

Glen Spey 1996/2008 “Der Whisky”

September 14, 2010

The extremely pale colour hints to an inactive cask. In fact it was a dead one. Don’t bother. – Rating: 55/100