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Bowmore — Dramming — Page 2


Bowmore 1985/2009 Signatory For Manufactum

February 25, 2011

A very fine fruity Bowmore with a lot of flavours to discover. The wood influence after the long maturation time is only very gentle. – Rating: 87/100

Bowmore 2000/2010 James MacArthur

January 29, 2011
Thumbnail image for Bowmore 2000/2010 James MacArthur

Despite its pale colour this malt is pretty complex but also rather gentle. A few drops of water release even more flavours. Unusually “clean” for a Bowmore. – Rating: 83/100

Bowmore 1996/2009 Murray McDavid

September 25, 2010

A finish well done and not too overpowering. The fruity notes of the famous Pomerol mix quite well with the suprisingly strong peatiness of the Bowmore malt. – Rating: 83/100

Bowmore 11 yo “Vom Fass”

August 14, 2010

At a higher botttling strength this unusual bourbon cask Bowmore could really excel. At 40% it can only be described as decent. What a pity. – Rating: 81/100

Bowmore 18 yo

May 29, 2010
Thumbnail image for Bowmore 18 yo

The character is not unlike the 15yo Darkest, but I think the 18yo lacks some of the richness without offering much in return. Especially the finish is a bit on the weak side. – Score: 82/100

Bowmore 15 yo Mariner

April 15, 2010

Very rich in many different flavours, not a peat-in-your-face malt. Suprisingly smooth, maybe a even bit too much. I think it would deserve a bit more punch. – Score: 85/100

Bowmore Tempest 10 yo

March 31, 2010
Thumbnail image for Bowmore Tempest 10 yo

It’s a very nice whisky, but it does not really remind me of a tempest. Although it is quite peaty for a Bowmore I think its character is more breezy than stormy, even without water. The fruitiest of all peat monsters. – Score: 86/100

Bowmore Darkest (old label)

January 23, 2010

Fruitier than its 15 yo successor but less complex, still a good whisky though- Score: 85/100

Bowmore 1987/2008 Duncan Taylor

November 4, 2009

A very untypical sherried whisky. I don’t like this one very much. The strong mint notes and the bitterness turn me off. – Score: 74/100

Bowmore Bordeaux Matured 1992/2008

October 21, 2009

I like this even better than the 2007 Port Wood. Distinctly maritime with only little peat and quite fruity. Powerful! – Score: 92/100

Bowmore Enigma 12 yo

September 26, 2009
Thumbnail image for Bowmore Enigma 12 yo

More sherry than the regular 12yo, but not very sweet, definitely a notch up. Very good value for an affordable price. – Score: 86/100

Bowmore Port Matured 1991/2007

September 16, 2009

A great combination of fruit and smoke, very complex – Score: 87/100

Bowmore Darkest 15 yo

August 14, 2009
Thumbnail image for Bowmore Darkest 15 yo

A great mix of sherry and peat (approx. 70/30) The name “Darkest” is fitting not only beacuse of the colour. It really tastes “dark”. – Score: 88/100

Bowmore Cask Strength

August 9, 2009
Thumbnail image for Bowmore Cask Strength

Quite untamed for a Bowmore, almost Laphroaig-ish but not quite as complex. But still quite a nice dram. – Score: 85/100

Bowmore 12 yo

August 9, 2009

New Presentation – 40% My Tasting Notes Nose: Rather timid, slightly smoky, hints of fruit Palate: More peat than the nose suggests, smoked ham combined with dried fruits Finish: Rather long, smoky and dry Overall: A nice mix of gentle peat and gentle sherry, a good every-day dram. Score: 84/100 – Price Tag $$$$$ – […]

Bowmore 17 yo

July 27, 2009

Praised by many, but I was disappointed. Perhaps there was something wrong with the sample I recevied, I don’t know. You don’t notice that this is a 17 yo, might as well be a 12 yo. Almost like a cross between classic Islay and Lowlands. – Score: 73/100