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Featured Articles — Dramming

Featured Articles

Some of my articles you might find useful. The larger sections are shown in inverse chronological order so the newest is always on top.

General Whisky Information

Take on the Whisky Adventure!

Why I Prefer Pay Per Dram Whisky Shows After All

The Periodic Table Of Scotch Whisky

The Scotch Whisky Distillery Timeline

Whisky Knowledge

Whisky Basics 1/4 – Types
Whisky Basics 2/4 – Regions

Whisky Basics 3/4 – Production
Whisky Basics 4/4 – Maturation

Whisky and Vodka – Two Distant Relatives

6 Tips for a Successful Whisky Tasting

10 Essential Things About Scotch Whisky Everybody Should Know
10 Essential Scotch Whiskies Everybody Should Have Tried

Bastard Malts 1/2 – When You Don’t Know What’s in the Bottle
Bastard Malts 2/2 – Do You Really Want to Know?

Does Whisky Age in a Bottle?
Learning from Kirschwasser – A New Look At Bottle Aging

Whisky Myths Debunked #1 – The Purity of Single Malt
Whisky Myths Debunked #2 – The Six Floor Maltings
Whisky Myths Debunked #3 – The Importance of Water
Whisky Myths Debunked #4 – Single Casks Rule
Whisky Myths Debunked #5 – Scotch is Smoky
Whisky Myths Debunked #6 – Scotland Has Lots Of Distilleries
Whisky Myths Debunked #7 – Older Is Better
Whisky Myths Debunked #8 – Diageo’s Cling Film Casks
Whisky Myths Debunked #9 – The 1800 Litre Minimum Still Size For Scotch
Whisky Myths Debunked #10 – Jack Daniel’s Is Not A Bourbon
Whisky Myths Debunked #11 – Spelling Is Important

Why Cheap Whisky Cannot Be Good

A Closer Look at the Middle Cut

How To Tell If Your Whisky Is Chill-Filtered

How Much Is A Dram Now Anyway?

Caramel in Whisky – Demystifying a Demon

What Is The Fair Price Of Whisky?

A Peek Into Diageo’s Cask Management

The Magic Copper Cauldron

Where Does Bottom Shelf Scotch Come From?

When Was Scotch Grain Whisky Invented?


Whisky Business


Diageo And The Pitfalls Of Boom And Bust

Balcones – Showdown In Waco

Benriach vs. Diageo Or Malts vs. Blends From A Business Perspective

Syndicate 58/6 – A Lesson In Storytelling

Aultmore XO – A Main Problem Of NAS Exposed

Thank you for being honest, Dr. Lumsden

Nomad Whisky by Gonzales Byass – Not So Unique After All

An Update On Whisky Inflation

The Nikka Samurai Paradox

How Some US And Scottish Distillers Are Doing Exactly The Opposite To Stay Competitive

Dewar’s Rebranding Just Months After Pulling Sexist Ad

The Misleading Rarity Argument In Whisky Pricing

Diageo Officially Confirms NAS Whisky Is Just A Marketing Stunt

Platinum Whisky Investment Fund – David Robertson Strikes Again

Bladnoch – Liquidation In Times Of Boom

Meanwhile In America: The NDP Debate

Mortlach Blues – How To Offend Those Who Made It Possible

The Mechanism Of NAS, Travel Retail And Whisky Price Inflation

A List Of NAS Travel Retail Exclusive Whiskies and When They Came Out

Three Current Trends In Whisky And Why They Are Worrysome

So Much For The Boom In China

On The Quest For Laphroaig Cask Strength


Another Day, Another New Whisky Auction

Baron Dewar – Crash Landing Of A Glasgow Superhero

Scotch Whisky’s Obsession With Wood

The Whisky Trading Company – Dancing On The Volcano

Alexander & James – Diageo’s Shop For The Rich And Naive

Is Whisky The New Vodka?

The Whisky Year 2012 In The Rear-View Mirror


Why Whisky Isn’t Wine

Will Bruichladdich Become The New Dalmore?

Diageo Buys United Spirits – Possible Consequences

A Closer Look At Whisky Inflation

How Bonhams Helps To Inflate The Bubble – A Case Study

The Party May Be Over SoonThoughts on the whisky speculation bubble

The “Health” Of Independent Bottlings Per Distillery

Clever Charity – How Whisky Can Turn Greed Into Generosity

How Age Statements Are Dividing The Whisky Industry

The Stupidity Of Age “Verification”

The Black Fungus Returns – With A Lawyer

Whisky Luxe Edinburgh – 50ml For A Bag Of Gold?

The Glenfiddich Millennium Vintage – Or How To Boost Your Profit Margin

Bruichladdich To Be Sold – Rise And Fall Of An Independent Distiller

Macallan Revamps Basic Range To NAS

Buy The Dalmore Oligarch Collection – Help A Billionaire In Need

Is Cooley Having Trouble To Cope With Demand?

World Whisky Day – How Hedonism And Opportunism Killed An Idea

12+2 Recommended No Frills Scotch Distilleries

How To Blow Whisky Bubbles

McTear’s Whisky Auctions – Buyers Beware!

Under The Hammer Of Thor


World Whisky Day – Honest Celebration or Rip-Off?

Top 10 Overpriced Scotch Whiskies

Amrut Herald – An Indo-Germanic Whisky?

Kilchoman Tightens The Screw With Their 100% Islay Whisky

The Black Fungus Conspiracy
Black Fungus Revisited – Diageo in a Tight Spot?

Scottish Spirits – Scotch Or No Scotch?
SWA Response to Scottish Spirits Ltd.
Scottish Spirits – It’s Getting Strange

Diageo’s Classic Malts – Taken Hostage by Johnnie Walker?


Guest Post – An Overview of American Craft Distilling

How to Exploit US Whisky Regulations

Duty Free – Whisky for the Chosen Few

Diageo – The Innovative Dinosaur

A Bastard Malt Gets Proper Parents

The Macallan Ice Ball Serve – Cool or Chilly?

No Tasting Note: Mortlach 70 yo

A Broken Down Roallercoaster at Ardbeg

Has Macallan Finally Run Out of Old Sherry Casks?



Will Scotch Single Malt Become a Luxury Item ?

Learn Whisky Marketing with LVMH #1 – Glenmorangie
Learn Whisky Marketing with LVMH #2 – Ardbeg
Learn Whisky Marketing with LVMH #3 – The SMWS
Learn Whisky Marketing with LVMH #4 – Conclusion


Whisky Philosophy


Are You Being Priced Out Too?

It’s Only Whisky. Or Isn’t It?

Some Fundamental Whisky Laws


Is Scotch Whisky Suffering From The Lindt Syndrome?

Whisky Is An Industry, Get Over It

The Ageless Revolution

Why Peated Whiskies Get Higher Scores


Patience vs. Cash Flow – When Maturation Becomes A Necessary Evil

Who Needs Brora And Port Ellen? We Have Clynelish And Caol Ila!

Does Whisky Have A Gender?

Why Blended Whisky Is So Important For Maltheads

Whisky And Cheese – Some Interesting Parallels


Drinking or Investing? – Revisiting An Old Question

Down With Whisky Regions!

Whisky Blogging From Between The Stools

Why I Score Whisky Anyway

Why Is There No Pot Still Scotch Grain Whisky?


Malt Medal Mania

Sulphur in Whisky – Spice or Poison?

The Forgotten Art of Smoky Sherry Whisky

The Ethics of Whisky Blogging

Has Whisky Become Better, Worse or Just Different?

Learning From the Masters or How I Became an Idiot Scotch Snob

Whisky and the Web 2.0 – A Clash of Cultures?

Laphroaig and Lagavulin: One Mile of Distance but Worlds Apart

How Much Room Is There for Whisky Experiments?


Out And About


Slyrs Revisited

Ardbeg Auriverdes Launch, Bar Gabányi, Munich

To Scotland, Meeting Friends


TWE Whisky Show London 2013 And Beyond

Jim Murray – Whisky, Sulphur And Testosterone

Victoria Whisky Festival 2013


The Whisky Exchange Whisky Show 2012

Ardbeg Galileo at Bar Gabányi Munich

Castles, Casks And Consistency – Malt Maniacs’ 15th Anniversary

Limburg Whisky Fair 2012


Dramming in Scotland 2011 #1 – Glasgow
Dramming in Scotland 2011 #2 – Glengoyne
Dramming in Scotland 2011 #3 – Speyside Cooperage
Dramming in Scotland 2011 #4 – Mortlach and the Grouse Inn

Dramming in Scotland 2011 #5 – Glenfiddich
Dramming in Scotland 2011 #6 – Dufftown Whisky Fair
Dramming in Scotland 2011 #7 – Ben Rinnes and Benrinnes
Dramming in Scotland 2011 #8 – Dufftown Distillery
Dramming in Scotland 2011 #9 – Full Disclosure of a Standard Bottling
Dramming in Scotland 2011 #10 – Knockdhu
Dramming in Scotland 2011 #11 – Glendronach
Dramming in Scotland 2011 #12 – Glenturret
Dramming in Scotland 2011 #12+1 – People, Places and Moments

Finest Spirits Munich 2011


Distillery Visit: Slyrs Bavarian Single Malt

Slyrs Distillery Visit: All Pictures

Islay Distilleries #1 of 8: Bunnahabhain – The Grey Mouse
Islay Distilleries #2 of 8: Bruichladdich – The Maverick
Islay Distilleries #3 of 8: Kilchoman – The Newcomer
Islay Distilleries #4 of 8: Bowmore – The Noble
Islay Distilleries #5 of 8: Caol Ila – The Shy Giant
Islay Distilleries #6 of 8: Lagavulin – The Classic
Islay Distilleries #7 of 8: Laphroaig – The Uncompromising
Islay Distilleries #8 of 8: Ardbeg – The Phenomenon
Islay Distilleries #9 of 8: Port Ellen – The Zombie


Whisky Rating

How to Rate Whisky 1/3: The Philosophy
How to Rate Whisky 2/3: Nosing and Tasting

How to Rate Whisky 3/3: Scoring

Batch Variation and the Validity of Whisky Ratings

Numbers Galore: Review of the “Spirits Spider” Rating System


Whisky People

Whisky People #1 – Serge Valentin
Whisky People #2 – Keith Wood
Whisky People #3 – Ralf Mitchell
Whisky People #4 – Erik Burgess
Whisky People #5 – Joshua Hatton

Whisky People #6 – Johannes van den Heuvel
Whisky People #7 – Ingvar Ronde
Whisky People #8 – Andrea Caminneci

Whisky People #9 – Gal Granov
Whisky People #10 – Mark Gillespie
Whisky People #11 – Theresia and Horst Lüning
Whisky People #12 – Mark Connelly
Whisky People #13 – Dave Broom
Whisky People #14 – Lawrence Graham


Whisky Books

Davin de Kergommeaux: Canadian Whisky – The Portable Expert

Michael Jackson: Whisky – The Definitive World Guide

Darek Bell: Alt Whiskeys

Inge Russell: Whisky Technology, Production and Marketing

Andrew Jefford: Peat Smoke and Spirit

Bible Lessons – Thoughts on Jim Murray’s Whisky Bible 2010

Whisky Recipes

All-Purpose Barbeque Sauce
Salmon with Bell Peppers
Whisky Christmas Dinner – Course 1: Mortlach Oxtail Soup
Whisky Christmas Dinner – Course 2: Glendronach Leg of Venison
Whisky Christmas Dinner – Course 3: Bruichladdich Zabaione
Whisky Cocktail: The Machattan
Glenfarclas Fruit Cocktail
Whisky BBQ: Barrel Smoked Pork Neck
Ardbeg Gravlax
Whisky Fudge

Mature Cheese Spread
Whisky Cocktail: The Speyside Sunset
Whisky Cocktail: The Fakerac

Turning Vodka Into Whisky (sort of…)
Vodsky Update
Turning Vodka Into Whisky – The Vodsky – The End.

Bourbon Belly Bean Barbecue
Vanilla Ice Cream With Maple Glazed Bourbon Walnuts

Coq au Whisky


Mixed Bag


Master Of Malt Reference Series Update – E150a Influence

America Needs Better Whisky Regulations

The Dark Side Of The Booze

The Environmental Impact Of Alcoholic Drinks Production

Am I A Binge Drinker?

How To Turn Ardbeg Into Bowmore

What We Can Learn From Old Whisky Ads And Bottles

10 Headlines That Will Instantly Boost Your Whisky Blog Readership

You Know You Are A Whisky Geek When…

Why I Blog

Whisky Bullshit Police Report February 2014

Open Letter To The Scotch Whisky Industry

Life Of A Whisky Blogger


The Battle Of The Whisky Days

Will Tennessee Become A Whisky Monoculture?

Where Is The Rampant Sulphur, Mr. Murray?


Top 10 Bullshit Alcohol-Related Top 10 Lists

Whisky Alchemy – How To Turn Sherry Into Refill Bourbon

The 10 Weirdest Whisky Cocktails

Sexist Whisky Ads

5 Tips For Whisky Bloggers

Excursion – Master of Malt Bitters And Beyond

Why Private Whisky Blogging Is So Important


The Difficult Arts Of Reading And Writing

Professional Writers, Learn Your Whisky Basics!

Whisky Glassware Test – Villeroy & Boch Against The Rest Of The World

International Whisky Competition 2011 – Chaos in Chicago

Whisky Leaks: Top Ten Unreleased Gaelic Whisky Names

Turning Vodka Into Whisky – The Vodsky


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