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What We Can Learn From Old Whisky Ads And Bottles

by Oliver Klimek on April 11, 2014

I have been avidly collecting old whisky adverts over the past years, some of which I have already posted on my Facbook and Twitter feeds. There are a number of interesting things to be learned from these, so here is wrapping it up a bit:


Irish Whisky wasn’t always spelled with an e

D123-Cowans-Whiskygudk0o535zklblc8y4p9kiokfbaxNuff said.

Things were much more relaxed in Tennessee not too long ago

dickel_rx1dickel_rx2George Dickel RX Tennessee bourbon filtered through sugar maple

Overpriced decanters are not a recent phenomemon

xu6o0q6kgabbx3Glenfiddich 25 yo cost $2100 in the USA around 1980. That’s a lot of money even for today’s standards.

Some Scotch blends had special “light” versions


Actually “light” used to be a big selling point


As was higher bottling strength – And you were supposed to actually read!


Scotch wasn’t all about bagpipers and tartan back in the days


Some things just make you scratch your head

6a00d83451ccbc69e2012875a5e4d8970c-400wi100-pipers-1975And some things never change

highland_mist_1978 teachers-1968


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