The Battle Of The Whisky Days

by Oliver Klimek on December 14, 2013

You certainly know that Blair Bowman’s 17th May World Whisky Day venture has been quite controversial, with yours truly not being entirely innocent. There soon was a counter-initiative to celebrate an International Whisk(e)y Day on 27th March 27, Michael Jackson’s birthday in the spirit intended by the original creators.

In the last few days things have taken a surprising development. All of a sudden there were Twitter accounts popping up for World Whiskey Day on 16th May, World Scotch Day on 17th May and even a World Whisking Day scheduled for 18th May. I have no idea who is behind this but it obviously is an attempt to ridicule the trademarked World Whisky Day and to create confusion. The Whisky Sponge already published his/her/its take on the topic yesterday.

Interesting times ahead. Will there be a trademark infringement lawsuit “World Whisky Day vs. World Whiskey Day”? Will there also be an official World Whiskers Day as proposed by whisky blogger Dave Worthingon? I just hope that this one would not involve pairing whisky with cat food…

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