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Glenturret 34 yo 1977/2012 Maltbarn

by Oliver Klimek on January 8, 2013

Bourbon barrel – 48.4%

My Tasting Notes:

Colour: Bright amber
Nose:  Stewed apples, honey, fudge, toasted nuts, polished wood, hints of nutmeg, a light floral element is there as well.
Palate: Rich with honey, butterscotch and apples, but also slightly herbal and waxy, underlined by a light and delicate briniess.
Finish: Long, fruity and waxy.
Overall: Older Glenturrets have a reputation of being soapy. This wonderful dram has just the tiniest hint of it, where it acts rather as a spice than as a flaw.

Rating: 89/100 – Price Tag $$$$$ – Value for your Money $$$$$

Scored blind for the Malt Maniacs Awards 2012 where it won a bronze medal, re-tasted for notes.

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