Does Whisky Have A Gender?

by Oliver Klimek on August 23, 2012

“Whisky is a man’s drink.” This is probably one of the most commonly used stereotypes in the whisky world. But just look around at whisky shows, among bloggers or in the whisky industry itself: Lots of women love and know their whisky, and even if they are still outnumbered by men it is very obvious that today the “man’s drink” is only a myth. Actually I felt tempted to turn this into another “Whisky Myths Debunked” episode.

But one thing has made me scratch my head a bit. Quite a number of the whisky loving women who are active on social media or who have their own blogs seem to make quite an issue of the fact that they are women who love whisky, beginning with their choice of alias names or blog titles. I don’t know if this is rather subconscious or deliberate, but I often get the impression that fighting the “man’s drink” myth is one of their prime objectives.

I am prettty convinced that viewed from outside this stereotype is indeed still prevalent. If you asked random people – no matter if male or female –  on the street, I would not be surprised if most of them would susbscribe to it.

But I sincercly wonder how many men inside the ‘whisky universe’ would agree. I am sure there are still some sexist assholes around who think that anything beyond Baileys or Drambuie is wasted on women, as well as men who see it as a personal defeat if a woman knows more about whisky than them. But I trust the vast majority of ‘whisky men’ has no problems with ‘whisky women’ whatsoever and would feel more than happy if both sexes were equally present.

For me this gender question is a non-issue, so rather than dividing it into whisky for women and whisky for men I would much prefer a whisky world where gender does not matter at all.

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