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How Much Of A Whisky Geek Are You?

by Oliver Klimek on July 18, 2012

Let’s have a fun poll, or actually two polls in one. Listed below are 10 random symptoms of whisky geekdom you may suffer from.

You can select multiple symptoms, of course. To find out just how much of a whisky geek you are, please enter the number of your symptoms into the second poll just below on the right sidebar. The poll will stay open for one month.

  1. I write tasting notes
  2. I visit at least one whisky festival per year
  3. I buy more whisky than I can drink
  4. I use a pipette to add water
  5. I own a whisky cask or a share of a cask
  6. I have visited 20+ whisky distilleries
  7. I consult websites and books with reviews before buying
  8. I trade or buy whisky samples
  9. I have bought or sold at whisky auctions
  10. I have bought whisky by the case

Should you suffer from other symptoms not mentioned here, feel free to share your burden in the comments section!

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