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Poll Result: Do You Like Whisky For Mixing?

by Oliver Klimek on September 19, 2011

A busy work schedule and a long sample queue have prevented me from publishing the results of this poll so far, but here they come now.

This poll’s turnout was 90 voters, which is not bad, but I had hoped for a few more. Although this topic has always been heavily debated, many people don’t actually bother too much about it, it seems. The result is as follows:

  1. No – 54 votes (60%)
  2. Yes – 27 votes (30%)
  3. Undecicded – 9 votes (10%)

So there really is quite a strong opposition against using whisky as a mixing component in other drinks. I have explained the reaons for my Yes vote in the original article. I found it quite interesting that comments to this topic were only posted by supporters of using whisky for mixing. Some arguments explaining the reasons for saying No or questioning those of the supporters would have been very welcome.

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