Top 10 Overpriced Scotch Whiskies

by Oliver Klimek on July 22, 2011

This is an entirely subjective collection of whisky pricing monstrosities that I have come across in the past months. I only included original distillery bottlings, so the ridiculous Isabella’s Islay does not make it onto the list. Also omitted are 50+ year old luxury bottlings like the Dalmore Trinitas as here it becomes very difficult to find comparable bottles that would allow you to judge how justified or unjustifed the price tag is.

There may be even worse offenders out there, it wouldn’t surprise me at all. Don’t hesitate to share them.

10. Tullibardine Pure Pot Spirit

A 0.5 litre bottle of this newmake costs €35. This is about the same price level as the 13 year old Tullibardine wood finishes. [Of course this is legally not a whisky, but it would become such if allowed to age for 3 or more years.]

9. Highland Park Earl Haakon

The successor of Earl and Lord Magnus, at 18 years of age it costs €180.

8. Macallan Fine Oak 25 yo

€400 is not exactly cheap for a 25 yo single malt.

7. Glenfiddich 40 yo

A bottle will set you back €1800. Currently you can get a 33 year old original single cask bottling for less than a third of this price.

6. Bruichladdich Octomore

A bottle of this 5 year old peat monster costs €100.

5. Oban Managers’ Choice 9 yo

A single cask bottling with a single digit age for €340.

4. Kilchoman 100% Islay Distillery Only

At the tender age of 3 years this cask strength bottling is priced at a whopping €170.

3. Glenmorangie Pride

The price tag for this 29 yo bottling is €2750. And the “limitation” to 1000 bottles does not make it particularly rare.

2. Johnnie Walker Blue Label Anniversary

A limited cask strength version of the Jonnie Walker Blue Label blend for €1700. The regular version sells for less than 10% of this price.

1. Ardbeg Double Barrel

Two bottles of 1974 vintage single casks are enhanced by a set of finely crafted accessories, bringing up the price to more than €10000. A 1974 original single cask bottle normally costs around €1000, and even these can’t be called bargains.

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