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Poll Result: Whisky Festivals

by Oliver Klimek on March 8, 2011

The last poll dealt with your opinion about the two principal types of whisky festivals – “all inclusive” and “pay per dram”. 81 voters took part this time which I consider to be a fairly decent number. As predicted the results were less unanimous than than month before when the poll was about the E150a/CF labelling issue. The comments on my poll announcement have already indicated that this issue is in fact rather disputed by parts of the whisky community. But still there was a clear preference for one option:

  1. 37 votes (46%) All drams included
  2. 24 votes (30%) Pay per dram
  3. 19 votes (23%) I like both types
  4. 1 vote (1%) I don’t like any festivals

Most voters prefer the “all inclusive” approach but the “pay per dram” type is quite popular as well. But also quite a few people don’t care too much about the issue.

So far I have not been to an “all inclusive” event yet, but I will attend WhiskyFest New York in autumn. Until then I ask for some patience, because after my return I will write a detailled comparison with all pros and cons I will have experienced.

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