December 2010

Port Ellen 1982/2010 Cask 2039 – Old Bothwell

December 31, 2010

After giving it a little time to open up this malt devlops into a festival of maritime and spicy flavours accompanied by fruity chords. A whisky not too far away from perfection. – Rating: 93/100

A Closer Look at the Middle Cut

December 30, 2010
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In whisky making there are many parameters that influence the final product. One of the most important is the decision of the distiller when to switch from foreshot to the middle cut and then to the feints.

Google Insights – What a Nifty Toy!

December 29, 2010
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Google has a somewhat hidden feature that allows you to draw lots of information from the search statistics dating back until 2004. It is called Google Insights for Search and it’s currently in beta stadium.

Caol Ila 2000/2008 Murray McDavid

December 29, 2010

Zinfandel running amok. The heavy finish even manages to overpower the peatiness of a young Caol Ila. If you like smoky Cassis, you must buy this bottle. I don’t. – Rating: 71/100

Springbank 18 yo

December 28, 2010
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A quintessential Springbank with a silky mouthfeel, very complex with lots of flavours to discover. It can act both as a winter warmer and a summer refreshment. – Rating: 88/100

Blackstone 18 yo

December 27, 2010

This is a typical “You get what you pay for” supermarket malt. It’s not really bad but the floral notes are much too dominant for an enjoyable older malt. – Rating: 74/100

George T. Stagg 2009 Release

December 20, 2010
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A top class bourbon that can be enjoyed neat but deveolps its full complexity only after the addition of water. Many flavours are blending into a continuum that you don’t do justice by dissecting it. – Rating: 92/100

Glen Garioch Founders Reserve

December 19, 2010
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This entry level malt is an unoffensive whisky for beginners: It has an intriguing nose, but both palate and the finish are much too subdued to match it. – Rating: 72/100

Glenlivet 15 yo

December 17, 2010
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The trademark fruity creaminess of Glenlivet is joined by nutty and caramel notes imparted by the French Oak casks. Very sippable – Rating: 83/100

Brewdog Paradox Isle of Arran

December 16, 2010
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A very rich stout, perhaps a bit too much on the bitter side for my taste but very flavour-intensive. You wouldn’t guess the whisky connection though because it blends very smoothly with the beer. – Rating: 82/100

Sulphuric Foodista

December 16, 2010
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The article about sulphur in whisky has caught the eye of Foodista and inspired them to select as today’s Featured Drink Blog.

Laphroaig Triple Wood

December 15, 2010
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The sherry is well noticeable and is taming the rough distillery character a little. Quite smooth on the palate despite the 48% and not as medicinal as the 10 yo. – Rating: 87/100

Manic Dramming

December 15, 2010
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Yesterday night I received an email asking if I would be interested to join the Malt Maniacs. A question in fact that was not too difficult to answer. Of course I said Yes, and so I am now an official Malt Maniac.

Cu Dhub

December 14, 2010

The best thing you can say about this whisky is that it tastes of almost nothing. Which makes it different from Loch Dhu and – in a way – slightly more enjoyable. – Rating: 18/100

Dramming at WhiskyFest New York 2011

December 14, 2010
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It’s official: I will travel to New York to attend the 2011 WhiskyFest on the First of November.

Glengoyne 1972/2009 Malts of Scotland

December 13, 2010

Extremely complex and richly-flavoured, this is a terrific fruity luxury digestive to enjoy after your Christmas dinner. – Rating: 91/100

New Poll: Whisky Awards

December 12, 2010
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There have always been and will continue to be ramblings about awards in general or in particular. I would like to quantify the sentiments about whisky awards by two polls with different angles on the subject.

Poll Result: Dramming at the Computer

December 12, 2010

Even though I expected a majority in favour of online dramming, I was a little surprised by the margin. This result clearly shows that whisky on the internet is not a mere academic issue. For a big majority of whisky lovers surfing the whisky web is more enjoyable while sipping on a dram.

Glendullan 1978/2005 Rare Malts

December 11, 2010
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Full-bodied and richly flavoured, this fruity malt is mature without feeling old. It does not really need water, but a few drops bring out more spices. – Rating: 88/100

Port Askaig 17

December 10, 2010
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A well-balanced Islay malt with enjoyable fruit notes. Much has been guessed about its provenance, but I wouldn’t be surprised, if the name proved to be the strongest hint. – Rating: 85/100