Bruichladdich Octomore 2

by Oliver Klimek on May 10, 2010

The 5 yo Laddie Peat Monster with 140 ppm – 62.5%

My Tasting Notes:

Color: Pale straw
Nose: Peat, citrus, pear, farmyard with a little whiff of  manure.
Palate: Strong adstringent peat (becomes more intense with water), citrus and pear again, cloves, cinnamon.
Finish: Very long, peaty and fruity
Overall: Other than its fellow peat monster Ardbeg Supernova the Octomore is peaty without being smoky. It rather has a purely phenolic peatiness that lacks the notes of smoked ham or the likes that are often found in peaty malts. But the general character is much gentler and more accessible than that of the Supernova. But also with the Octomore I stand to my opinion that such extreme peat monsters should be left to mature for much longer, so the phenols can largely transform into other aromatics.

Score: 86/100 – Price Tag $$$$$ – Value for your Money $$$$$

Update (17th May) – As a followup question to my distillery visit at Bruichladdich I asked Mark Reynier by email if they had any plans to realease an aged Octomore. In his reply he confirmed that “there will  be aged versions of Octomore“. Now that’s what I call good news! Before I die, I want to do a head to head comparison of both the Octomore and the Ardbeg Supernova as 30 yo.

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