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Whisky Cocktail Recipe: The Machattan

by Oliver Klimek on February 12, 2010

Usually, I drink my whisky neat, but I am also a fan of cocktails, especially of those made with whisk(e)y.

One of my favourites is the classic Manhattan, consisting of American Whiskey (I prefer Rye), sweet Vermouth and Angostura bitter.

I have always wondered why there are so little cocktails based on sherry. After pondering this for a while I had an idea: Why not make a Manhattan-like cocktail with sherry and a sherried Scotch ?

Well, the classic sherry dram is a Macallan, and the name fits nicely, so I decided to give it a try. And it sure tastes fine!


5 cl Macallan Sherry Oak 10yo, 12yo or 18yo
2 cl medium dry sherry
2 dashes of Angostura bitter


Stir ingredients in a large glass or jug filled with ice and strain to a cocktail glass. You can add the classic Maraschino cherry used for the Manhattan, but I prefer it neat.


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