October 2009

Maker’s Mark Red Seal

October 6, 2009
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Quite spicy with just a slight fruitiness. Rather complex but the bitterness pulls it down a bit. – Score: 74/100

Bastard Malts 1/2 – When You Don’t Know What’s in the Bottle

October 4, 2009

In the last decades, single malt Scotch whisky has gained an ever growing popularity among whisky lovers, mainly because it shows the character of a single distillery, sometimes even from a single cask. This is opposed to blends or blended malts where the master blender tries to create an specific taste by combining whiskies from different distilleries.

Adelphi Breath of Speyside 1991/2009

October 1, 2009

Promising nose but the bitterness takes away much of the pleasure. A few years too long in the cask? – Score: 78/100