Poll: Your Opinion on Colouring and Chill Filtering

by Oliver Klimek on September 2, 2009

Two things have always been the source of heated debates:

1. Should a whisky be coloured with caramel (E 150a) to maintain uniformity of colour among batches?

2. Should a whisky be chillfiltered to avoid clouding?

With this new poll (to be found under the tag cloud) I would like to do a survey how consumers think about this topic. I have included five options to choose from.

1. I support colouring and filtering
2. I reject colouring and filtering
3. I reject colouring, don’t care about filtering
4. I reject filtering, don’t care about colouring
5. I don’t care about neither

Of course there can be many more possible “shadings” in personal opinions like “I usually recject both but sometimes I buy coloured whiskies” or “I will never buy a filtered and coloured whisky. Period.”

If you feel your opinion is not quite matched by one of the options, please choose the closest option and feel free to add a comment. My personal view is that I don’t care about colouring but I prefer unchillfiltered whiskies.

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