Auchentoshan Select

by Oliver Klimek on August 6, 2009


My Tasting Notes

Nose: Weak, a bit of vanilla
Palate: Very spirity, flat, no much to speak of
Finish: Short and meaningless
Overall: The only good thing I can say about this expression is that it is discontinued. If you happen to find a bottle, avoid it! This is a perfect example of an NAS statement used to disguise immature whisky.

Score: 55/100 – Price Tag $$$$$ – Value for your Money $$$$$

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Mark Dermul January 19, 2011 at 7:56 am

I have to say, Olivier, that I disagree with this review. Not only is the Select NOT discontinued, but moved to the duty free range, I don’t think it’s immature whisky (young, surely) or flat. In fact, I think it’s even better than the misnomer ‘Auchentoshan Classic’. Now that is young whisky and there is nothing classic about it.


Oliver Klimek January 19, 2011 at 10:51 pm

I didn’t know about the move to Dutry free, sorry. It may be a question of differing batches, I don’t know, but I honestly disliked this dram. And I had a whole bottle of it….


MC5 June 11, 2012 at 12:43 pm

I got this one as a present. It was the first scottish single malt that I really did not like. It is has an apple note on the palate. But in a bad way..! Didn’t know that this was possible 😉
First I thought it tastes different because of the triple distilling, on the other hand I enjoy Irish whiskeys very much. Maybe Auchentoshan is just not for me.
Although, the “Three wood” is better and I’d like to try the new Valinch…
From time to time I offer the “Select” to a guest and some really like it!
Crazy. Liter bottles can be soo big…


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