July 2009

Bruichladdich Cuvée E

July 31, 2009

Generally, I don’t mind the combination of sweet and spicy in a whisky, but somehow this one does not appeal to me very much. – Score: 74/100

Bruichladdich Cuvée C

July 31, 2009

Not bad but a tad to sweet for my taste. If tasted blind might even slip through as an Armagnac – Score: 80/100

Imperial 1998/2007 – Whisky-Doris

July 30, 2009

With water added this is quite enjoyable. Good balance between sweetness and wood. – Score: 80/100

Linkwood 1996/2006 – Dun Bheagan

July 30, 2009

I usually like Linkwood, but this one is a true underachiever. Terribly sweet and not much else. – Score: 60/100

5 Essential Whisky Websites

July 30, 2009

This is small and subjective selection of websites that I think are improtant for whisky lovers. Of course there are a lot more of interesting sites out there, but this is what I regard as essential, if you have more than a causal interest in whisky.

Glen Ord 12 yo

July 29, 2009
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Middle-of-the-road malt. No weaknesses and no strengths – Score: 73/100

Arran 10 yo

July 29, 2009
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Quite a nice dram, but doesn’t possess much to remember, nice to just sip away – Score: 78/100

Lagavulin 12 yo FOCM bottling 1995

July 28, 2009

More sherry than the standard 16yo that is not quite reached – Score: 85/100

Bunnahabhain Darach Úr Batch 1

July 28, 2009
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Strong wood is balanced by string and complex other aromatics. If you like “wood whisky”, this one is for you! – Score: 85/100

Take on the Whisky Adventure!

July 27, 2009
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Are you a malt maniac with a personal track record of thousands of different drams? Then please feel free to skip this article.

But chances are that you are one of the many people who usually drink blended scotch or consumer brand US whiskey.

Laphroaig Cairdeas – Feis Ile 2008

July 27, 2009

The typical Laphoaig kick is there, but more tamed in comparison to the 10 yo CS. Don’t use to much water! The sherry makes it an interesting variation from the standard, but it doesn’t quite live up to it. – Score: 86/100

Caol Ila 16 yo – Whiskykanzler

July 27, 2009

Gives the impression of a tamed Laphroaig. Perfect balance of peat, smoke, wood and sweetness. Great stuff. – Score: 90/100

Bowmore 17 yo

July 27, 2009

Praised by many, but I was disappointed. Perhaps there was something wrong with the sample I recevied, I don’t know. You don’t notice that this is a 17 yo, might as well be a 12 yo. Almost like a cross between classic Islay and Lowlands. – Score: 73/100

Poll: What is your favourite whisky region ?

July 26, 2009

I think it is quite interesting to get a little information about the demogarphics of whisky lovers.

I have just added a poll about favourite whisky regions. You can mark up to two of your favorite regions. I will post an evaluation when enough votes have accumulated.

Auchentoshan 21 yo

July 26, 2009
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Very complex, you can find something different in every dram. But still not my favourite. – Score: 82/100

Littlemill 12 yo

July 26, 2009
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A peculiar grassy character that some may find to be not their taste. I quite enjoyed it although it’s not a real winner. – Score: 73/100

Whisky Basics 4/4 – Maturation

July 25, 2009
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1. How whisky is stored

After distillation, whisky is filled into wooden barrels and left there to mature for several years. Some countries have specific legislation about whisky storage, especially the traditional whisky producers like Scotland or the USA.

Whisky Basics 3/4 – Production

July 24, 2009

1. How Whisky is Made

I will describe the process of making malt whisky. Other types vary in details, but the general process is the same

Glenrothes 1990 18 yo Cadenhead

July 24, 2009

Almost like the big brother of the Blair Athol Dark Sherry. They take the same direction, but due to its higher age, there is more wood influence and complexity. Just a drop can keep you busy for minutes. – Score: 92/100

Blair Athol 12 yo Douglas of Drumlanrig

July 24, 2009

Hard to believe that this is only a 12 yo. This must be a top-notch first fill sherry cask. My guess would be Pedro Ximenez. Adding water doesn’t change the character very much. – Score 89/100